Overnight Short Breaks - Children and young people within Nottinghamshire

Our vision is for The Big House to be a place where children are safe, healthy and happy.  A place where everyone who comes to stay can have a good quality of care, enjoying lots of new experiences and achieving positive outcomes.

To receive an overnight short break your child must have an assessment of need carried out by a Social Worker from Nottinghamshire Children's Disability Service usually in the form of a Child and Family Assessment. The Social Worker with their Team Manager may advocate for overnight short breaks and present the case before a panel of professions who will decide if overnight short breaks are appropriate and at what level and at which home within Nottinghamshire one of which could be The Big House. Overnight short breaks will only be consider following Nottinghamshire graduated response. Further details can be found on our Information page or by using the contact form below. 

Overnight Short Breaks - Children and young people outside Nottinghamshire

We accept children and young people who meet our criteria for over night short breaks from outside Nottinghamshire who are within travelling distance to The Big House. The service must be agreed and funded by the responsible local authority and facilitated by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Further details can be found on our Information page or by using the contact form below. 

Eligibility Criteria for Short Breaks

The Big House is a home which provides short breaks for children and young people with learning disabilities and associated challenging behaviour. 

The eligibility criteria for admission are as follows;


•Any child looking to be placed at The Big House will have a significant learning disability, combined with manifestations of challenging and complex behaviour.


•The child or young person should be of school age, up to 18 years old.


•The child or young person will attend their own school.


•Parents/carers and the child/young person should fully participate in the planning of all short breaks.


•The child or young person is expected to be mobile but provision will be made for those who have some degree of difficulty with mobility and may have a high dependency need.


•The child or young person is required to have a full assessment of need.


• This service is accessed via a referral from a Lead Professional. A Social Worker will complete an assessment of need for the child or young person and a panel of professionals will agree on the most suitable service which could include The Big House.

Other services offered

Short break settings can be a valuable and rewarding experience for children and young people. To supplement this at The Big House we also offer the following services;


We have spaces within the Big House that can be used by professionals working within Nottinghamshire for meetings, workshops or 1:1 sessions. This can be booked directly with us on 01623 822453 or by using the contact form below for more information.

Sibling Groups

The Big House has started to host sibling groups. This was initially for siblings of children who currently receive a service from The Big House, however we are hoping to extend this to all siblings of children with a disability within Nottinghamshire in the future. Use the contact form below for more information.


Family Support Sessions

Our trained, experienced staff also offer support within the family home.  This can be requested by the parent/carer or by the social worker or form part of the recommendations from a review. These sessions are arranged to look at specific areas i.e. toileting, sleeping, communication, behavioural difficulties.

All sessions are planned, agreed with parents/carers and focus led for a time limited period dependent on individual need. 

Any work done is reviewed and if more sessions are needed, this is then organised. Use the contact form below for more information.


Out of hours advice and guidance support line

The Big House are providing a dedicated out of hours helpline offering information and support for all parents and carers of children with disabilities within Nottinghamshire. Our staff are sensitive and understanding and can offer not only practical advice but also a listening ear and emotional support. Call 01623 822453 or use the contact form below for more information.


Play leisure and garden facilities open to all

We have large gardens with lots of fun activities which we would like more children with disabilities to access. You can bring you child, young person or community or school group in the day. Use the contact form below for more information.


Day care provisions and Education

Under certain circumstances a child or young person may require day care or a base for education for a fixed length of time which can be provided at the Big House.Use the contact form below for more information.

Coffee mornings

The Big House host coffee mornings for parents and carers of children and young people with a disability within Nottinghamshire. These are informal events where you can meet other parents and carers to discuss issues. We also invite guest speakers. Please sign up to our blog for upcoming events, or use the contact form below for more information.

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